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From left to right: Lorna Beattie, Liz Grant, May Hadi, Claire Walker, Claire Wright, Kirsty Eastman

The current members of the Parent Council are:

Chairperson Claire Walker
Vice Chairperson May Hadi
Secretary Kirsty Eastman
Treasurer Lorna Beattie
Fundraising Coordinator Claire Wright
Year Rep Coordinator Liz Grant

PARENT MEMBERS (with voting rights)

Aileen Dickinson, Angela Fleming, Anna Blackshaw, Carol Ormiston, Debbie Dennett, Donna Hicks, Emma Henderson, Emma Wilson, Jillian Clapham, Kirsteen Hutcheson, Laurie Macdonald, Mel Hanvey, Rhona Black, Tamara Brown-Milberg.


  • To be announced