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This site is for parents and carers of pupils at Hermitage Primary School and it is managed by Hermitage Primary Parent Council. If your child attends Hermitage Primary School we hope you will find everything you need to know on this site.

We are an active Parent Council always happy to welcome new members and exist to represent all parents and carers. Please see our ‘getting involved’ page.

For information on our activities in please refer to our Events page. If you would like to receive information and updates by email please join our distribution list by emailing us at:


What is the Parent Council?

The Parent Council is a self-nominated committee which primary function is to:

  • Support teachers with their work with pupils and parents
  • Represent the views of parents, helping to cre-ate an environment where all parents are con-fident to raise views and ideas and know that their opinion matters.
  • Promote contact and communication between the school, parents, pupils, community and other providers.
  • Report to the Parent Forum

What is the Parent Forum? – You are!

Having a child at our school automatically makes you a member of the Parent Forum. Parent Forums were formed following the Scottish School (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 which gives parents the right to receive information about their children’s education, to be represented and to have opportunity to express their views. As a member, you can expect to:

  • Identify issues for the Parent Council
  • Be consulted by the Parent Council
  • Approach and express views via the Parent Council

Some activities our Parent Council are involved with:

  • How our school communicates with parents
  • Supporting delivery of curriculum for excellence by tapping into parent skills, experiences and expertise
  • Supporting the progress of the School Development Plan
  • Revising existing school policies and supporting introduction of new policies
  • Supporting any significant changes in school (e.g. the new annex and play-ground area)
  • Developing the school handbook